I build web, mobile and desktop apps, produce screencasts, write ebooks, and provide pairing and training

Prize Patrol

This application allows users to track the Prize Patrol for Publishers Clearing House, a team that goes across the country to deliver a big prize to a lucky person, as well as to track a series of smaller prizes shipped out to various winners.

I took the existing codebase and overhauled the map to allow custom markers to be plotted for different things, such as tweets and photo updates from the Prize Patrol team, and UPS package tracking updates for the prizes. I was also responsible for migrating the site to a multi-server cluster on EngineYard Cloud for more reliability and scalability, as the site was often featured in high profile places, necessitating the ability to be able to deal with severe spikes in traffic.

Ruby on Rails Cloudmade Frontend


Building Mac OS X apps with RubyMotion

Learn how to build Mac apps with using Ruby with this ebook, currently in early access, and with the finished version coming soon.