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FM Dashboard

FM Dashboard is a work order management application for chain stores and contractors to manage their work orders, locations, invoices, and quotes to better communicate and work effectively.

The app supports logins from both chain stores and contractors, exposing different functionality based on roles and locations, and includes an interactive voice prompt system for contractors in the field.

It's built using Ruby on Rails, and makes use of ActiveAdmin for the admin system, and Twilio for the voice integration on the interactive voice prompt.

Since building the original vision for the app, I've subsequently worked with Dean on additional features and enhancements, adding increased value to his users, most recently with a customizable reporting system.

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“He delivers on time and typically exceeds expectations. He does a great job communicating and made some great suggestions throughout the process that helped us design for the long-term.”

- Dean Phillips, FM Dashboard

Ruby on Rails ActiveAdmin Twilio Frontend API


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