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React and React Native Development

React and React Native have established themselves as fantastically productive frameworks for front-end development, on web and mobile. Works well with a solid backend API.

What is it?

React and React Native are application frameworks for building app frontends with JavaScript, breaking down your design and implementation into components that you can re-use and combine to form your user interface. It was originally started by Facebook, and has now reached a good level of popularity and usage in apps across the world.

What makes it so useful?

It's very quick to start building out components, and helps bring clarity to designs as you can break down a more complicated user interface into individual components. Once you do that, you can see areas for code and component re-use, and thus overall it lends itself to helping you end up with a more structured and clean codebase.

Additionally, for React Native, it's great for building out cross-platform apps. Essentially you're using the same codebase, while you might have iOS and Android specific views or code, largely by building both in parallel with React Native, you can re-use a lot of logic, and some abstracted view elements and functionality, saving you time and money delivering on both platforms. It also makes it much quicker to add new features to both apps, and to keep platform feature parity.

What do I use it for?

Its extensibility means that I can use it for pretty much any type of web app or native mobile app, but it's main use is on the web for interactive frontend apps, and on mobile for being able to quickly build out cross-platform native applications.

Real world examples of our React and React Native apps in action

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