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Say hello to AppTrack

Dec 21, 2017

Say hello to AppTrack, a brand new utility for macOS that’s available today on the macOS App Store!

What’s AppTrack?

AppTrack is a macOS app that tracks the apps you have open on your Mac, and captures the time spent in each one, so you can see where...

WordTarget 1.2, coming soon

Nov 30, 2014

The next update for WordTarget has now been submitted, and it’s so big, we’ve skipped 1.1 entirely and gone straight to 1.2! So what’s on the way?

Improved user interface

That’s right, the boring old menu is now gone, replaced with a customised drop...

Announcing WordTarget - a writing productivity tool

Nov 07, 2014

I’m giving away a copy of WordTarget each day for the rest of November - click here to find out how to enter!

Wow, where has the year gone? It’s been a very busy Summer and now Autumn too here at KickCode HQ, with Winter just peeking around the corner...


Building Mac OS X apps with RubyMotion

Learn how to build Mac apps with using Ruby with this ebook, currently in early access, and with the finished version coming soon.