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May 13, 2016 - Elliott Draper

Introducing KickCode Games!

It’s been a little while coming, but Hijax Games is now KickCode Games! Some of you may know that I started playing around with some game development and prototypes under a separate little brand (Hijax Games), but I’d like to devote more time to game dev and game dev resources, and maintaining a separate brand eats into that time. Instead, bringing it back under the KickCode banner will allow me to spend more time on everything across the board. I’ll still be writing about web and mobile dev, working on resources for that, as well as looking more into game dev and working on prototypes and resources. Additionally there may be some neat crossover areas to look at, such as backend APIs to support games. I’ll still also be taking on client work, whether it’s for web apps, mobile apps, or games on any platform, the same as I have been doing.

Let me know what kind of game dev stuff you’d like to see either in the comments below, or by sending me a tweet @KickCodeGames!

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