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KickCode's 5th birthday!

Aug 31, 2015 - Elliott Draper

Today marks five years in business for KickCode, and tomorrow (1st September) is the fifth birthday of kickcode.com. It’s been a great five years, working on some terrific projects with some great clients, and delivering some fantastic results for those clients!

Over the last five years, the design of kickcode.com has evolved, but the overall branding hadn’t changed drastically since day 1. That changes today, with a brand new identity! I’m sure it’ll continue to evolve as well of course, but this fresh new direction should be the core of kickcode.com for years to come!

To help celebrate five years, and this brand new design, here is a discount code valid for this week to get 15% off any of the packages for my early access book.


You can use that here. Look out for the cover to be updated with the new KickCode branding too in the next update!

If you have any feedback on the new branding and design, please tweet @ejdraper, @kickcode, or get in touch here.

Here’s to the next five years, cheers!

UPDATED: completely forgot that the 31st August was the company birthday, as that was when KickCode Ltd. was formed and incorporated, but kickcode.com was launched the next day, 1st September! double birthday!

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