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WordTarget 1.2, coming soon

Nov 30, 2014 - Elliott Draper

The next update for WordTarget has now been submitted, and it’s so big, we’ve skipped 1.1 entirely and gone straight to 1.2! So what’s on the way?

Improved user interface

That’s right, the boring old menu is now gone, replaced with a customised drop down panel, with everything you need at your fingertips! There are easy-to-use controls for starting and stopping the tracker, resetting, changing whether it counts up or down, and further options for exiting the app and seeing the about panel. Underneath is the history of your words, showing you a readable list of your word tracking history.

New menu user interface

Easy at-a-glance view of whether you hit your target for a day

Each entry in the list has a tick or a cross, denoting whether you hit your target for that day, so you can quickly get a gauge on your overall progress, and whether in general you’re hitting your targets or not.

Targets for each day are stored so changing your target doesn’t change whether you hit your target for a day in the past

The target in use for each day is now persisted, so changing your target in the future doesn’t re-evaluate past days and change successful days into failures (for example, when you’ve decided to raise your daily word target).

Click to view the breakdown of your words per-application

One of the most requested features was being able to see a per-application breakdown in the word count for each day, to see where all of those words were going. Now you can see just that in 1.2!

Per-application breakdown of words for a day

Local notification popup when you hit your target

Getting a little popup letting you know you hit your target is a good motivation that you’re on track and doing well - unless of course you’re only just getting started, in which case it might be a reminder to up that target a little bit for tomorrow!


With any luck, this new version will be in the Mac App Store within 7-10 days! In the meantime, the app is on sale at the minute for Black Friday - through the end of Monday, you can pick it up for $3.99/£2.49! With each new version of the app that adds great new features, the price will increase - but once purchased, regardless of the price paid, you’ll get all the future updates, so it’s worthwhile picking up soon if you want to lock in this great functionality now, with new stuff coming down the pipe later!

On the slate for 1.3

  • Hot keys for easily starting/stopping tracking
  • Blacklist for excluding tracking for certain applications, even if the app is running and tracking

Other ideas for future versions (1.3 and beyond)

  • Editing a past days target, for when you need to change a historical target (that will affect whether the day is marked as successful or not)
  • Being able to export your data
  • iCloud or other support to allow synced usage across machines
  • Tracking streaks for consecutive days hitting your target
  • Achievements for certain streak levels, to help keep you motivated
  • More notifications to provide ongoing progress updates as you work towards your target each day, not just when it’s hit

Follow @WordTargetApp or @kickcode on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest updates on the app! Any questions, let me know.

Check out our macOS apps, AppTrack and WordTarget.

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