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Black Friday: RubyMotion Pairing

Nov 29, 2013 - Elliott Draper

As you might have guessed from our recent articles, we’re enjoying developing with RubyMotion at the minute. Besides just being lots of fun, it is super efficient and productive, and lets us use our 7+ years of Ruby experience to build great iOS and OS X apps!

So for a very special Black Friday deal, we’re cutting the cost of pairing with us on your project in the month of December, if it happens to be a RubyMotion app! You can find out more about our KickPair service here, but basically you can book our time within certain blocks of hours when we have availability each week, for us to help you with something on your app, at a cost usually of £79 + VAT/$129 per hour - but if the project is a RubyMotion app (and because we love working on RubyMotion apps so much!) the rate is just £71 + VAT/$116 an hour (10% off) in December!

So if you have a RubyMotion app (iOS or Mac OS X) and a pressing issue, bug, or problem you’d like to chat to us about, simply want some expertise on the general development of your app, want us to get you up to speed on something, or want us to review your code with you, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Check out our macOS apps, AppTrack and WordTarget.

If you're looking for bespoke development for your own apps, using Ruby on Rails, RubyMotion, React Native or Unity, you can hire @ejdraper - visit ejdraper.com to learn more.

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