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Unity Render Texture

Sep 13, 2013 - Elliott Draper

UPDATE: All engine features are now available in both Personal and Pro editions of Unity, so you no longer need a paid Unity license to use this feature!

This is a fairly brief tutorial on how to setup a Render Texture. This feature makes it trivial (you don't even need any code) to show the live feed from a secondary camera on a screen within your game. I used this to great effect in Velocity Ball for 7DFPS, to show goal line views above each endzone!

I've made a video which covers using this technique on a basic Render Texture - check it out now to see how easy it is to use this feature in your games!

One thing I forgot to mention at the end of the video is that the scene being rendered on the render texture can come out a little dark - you can try different shaders to find one that works for your use, specifically something like "Unlit/Texture" will end up a lot closer to the "Camera Preview" for your secondary camera, but you might find that there is a specific shader you want to use to achieve a certain effect, in the same way that you can apply different scripts and effects to your secondary camera, and they too will be shown as part of the renderered view on the texture.

Here is how I put the technique to use in my 7DFPS game, Velocity Ball:

If you have any comments, let us know on this post, on the YouTube video, or you can catch us on Twitter @HijaxGames. If you have suggestions for other tutorial screencasts, let us know - I'm looking to do more, fun little 5 minute videos on various topics to give you tips, tricks and insight into different Unity features!

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