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Velocity Ball (#7DFPS): Dev Blog #2

Aug 14, 2013 - Elliott Draper

Just a couple of days to go now for 7DFPS, and since the last dev blog I’ve only really had time to improve the arena and presentation a bit, and add a menu.

Here are a few screenshots of those features:

  • Main menu
  • Bot gameplay
  • Bot opposition score
  • Home endzone
  • Player score

So I’m refining the list of what is possible in the remaining couple of days (multiplayer is definitely a post-7DFPS task now), and I’m hoping to get the following done:

  • Sound effects (the game is entirely silent right now!)
  • Countdown restart and position reset after each goal to make it more tactical and less hectic
  • Improved AI and ball physics
  • Getting games going solely with AI, for a spectator mode, and/or to make the main menu more interesting
  • Improving the UI and presentation a bit further
  • Dual stick controller support

The next dev blog will definitely be a video run through, most likely fairly close to the end of 7DFPS in the hope that I can show off as many of the above features in there as possible! I’ll then probably package the game up for download on Mac (Windows too if I get time to test it).

A few more resources that have been useful in the last couple of days:

  • NGUI: Next-Gen UI, great asset for building user interfaces on top of and around your games
  • NGUI Basic Menu, a cracking little tutorial video on putting together a basic menu using NGUI

Hope everyone else is making good progress, looking forward to spending some time looking at other entries over the weekend!

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