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Velocity Ball (#7DFPS): Dev Blog #1

Aug 12, 2013 - Elliott Draper

3 days into my 7DFPS game, and things are progressing quite well. I've learned the basics of blocking out arenas in Blender, and setting them up properly with UV unwrapping for texturing them in Unity.

I've got working ball physics (with a few quirks to be ironed out), and possession/throwing of the ball working. I've also implemented the two endzones, and got some basic AI working with teammates and opposition players in a 2v2, as well as scoring (red vs blue teams, naturally). The bot characters even have swish idle to run animation transitions after messing around with Mecanim. Here is a quick Vine of the progress:

I'm planning on doing a proper run through video once I add a few more bits in, namely I need to add a time limit to games, and also fine tune some of the mechanics for scoring, resetting after a score, and some of the ball physics and AI edge cases. At the minute it's only working on keyboard/mouse too, so I'd like to really getting it working on a controller (either OUYA or PS3 I think). After that, I can start to flesh out the content a bit more, sound effects, special effects, different arenas and team selection, and if I can improve the AI, it might be playable with more than just 2v2 as well (right now the bots go a little loopy if there are too many!). And who knows, maybe I'll get on to some multiplayer even which would be really great!

Some of the great tutorials and resources I've used so far:

Hoping to make enough progress now for a post like this each day until 7DFPS is up, but we'll see - how is everyone else getting on?

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