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Upcoming Jam: #7DFPS

Aug 08, 2013 - Elliott Draper

On Saturday, this years 7DFPS game jam begins!

It’s a fairly straightforward jam - the only rules seem to be that you have 7 days to make a first person game. It’s a great idea, as the first person genre is perhaps the most stale, certainly at AAA title level, so having hundreds, maybe even thousands of people getting together to work on crazy and fresh ideas for the genre sounds like fun.

I’ll be taking part, and while not buttoned down 100% yet, I think I’m going to try to switch the S in FPS from “shooter” to “sports” - think something like the futuristic football and zero-G ball games you see in sci-fi movies, or Grifball from Halo but without any weapons. Perhaps even like a first person Speedball, for those that remember that far back.

Of course, how much I’m able to get done in seven days remains to be seen, but trying it and seeing is a part of the fun, and knowing that lots of like minded individuals are all trying to do something that isn’t a Michael Bay-esque set piece driven FPS set in a modern theatre of war is going to be very refreshing.

Who else is joining in the fun? What ideas do y'all have? Get in touch and let me know on Twitter or Facebook! I’ll be posting up some regular progress updates throughout the week, and I look forward to playing some of the games you are going to be creating!

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