Velocity Ball

velocity ball 7dfps

Velocity Ball is a FPS (first person sports) game created for the 7DFPS game jam using Unity.

It's a futuristic sci-fi style cross between American football and basketball, with two endzones, 2v2 gameplay, goal line cameras and pyrotechnics.

The aim of the game is for your team to out-score the opponents over 60 seconds - if scores are tied, an additional 20 seconds are played until there is a winner.

It's currently playable with the 7DFPS build on Mac, and works well with keyboard and mouse, or a PS3 controller.

Feedback and comments welcome, I'd like to continue building upon the 7DFPS version if people like it!


  • Movement: WSAD on keyboard, left stick on PS3 controller
  • Camera: Mouse, right stick on PS3 controller
  • Jump: Space on keyboard, X on PS3 controller
  • Pass/throw (when in possession): Mouse click, R2 on PS3 controller
  • Block/tackle attempt (when not in possession): Mouse click, R2 on PS3 controller

Download for macOS or play here.

velocity ball render texture

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