Here are a few of the apps that we've built:



AppTrack is a macOS app to let you see where your time is going. It tracks the apps you have open on your Mac, and captures the time spent in each one.



WordTarget is a Mac OS X app designed to help you stick to a writing goal, whatever it is that you are writing, and no matter which app you're doing it in!



Despite being great devices for babies and toddlers to interact and engage with, there is a distinct lack of digital toys on the App Store for kids aged 1-4. I came up with Dragimals as I saw this gap in the market for fun, early learning apps for babies and toddlers.

Throwing Shapes


Throwing Shapes is a simple 2D time based risk/reward game for the iPad, created using Unity.

Album Alert


Album Alert is a simple iPhone app to let you quickly check whether any of the artists you like on Facebook have new music coming out soon.


Exceptions are for developers to triage, categorise, and look at fixing. The focus for was always the developers that were using it, rather than fancy bells and whistles, or expensive premium plans. Using GitHub for authentication and authorisation, I wanted to make sure it couldn't be easier to add tracking for exceptions to your apps.

Velocity Ball


Velocity Ball is a FPS (first person sports ) game created for the 7DFPS game jam using Unity. It's a futuristic sci-fi style cross between American football and basketball, with two endzones, 2v2 gameplay, goal line cameras and pyrotechnics. The…