About Us

KickCode was founded in 2010, and is run by Elliott and Andrea Draper, a husband and wife team.

Elliott handles programming and development duties, with 17+ years of professional experience working with a variety of languages and platforms. He currently mostly works with Ruby on Rails, React/React Native, and Unity.

ejdraper.com | Twitter | GitHub

Andrea is in charge of artistic and creative direction, with a distinctive style honed over many years, and a keen interest in arts and crafts that informs the unique and intricate nature of her designs. She's most at home sketching on pad and paper, or drawing on her iPad Pro in Procreate.

We reside and work out of Hampshire in the United Kingdom, with our three children, who are eager testers for many of our apps and games! We are also a family of keen karateka, training, grading, teaching and competing together!